See what a difference a “Calabash clean” can make to your ceilings. We cleans all types of acoustic / suspended ceiling tiles in the UK, including metal ceilings, metal perforated ceilings, vinyl ceilings and we also re-coat mineral fibre ceilings.

Our clients include offices, office refurbishment companies, facilities management companies, office dilapidations specialists, shopfitters and retail stores in London and the South East.

Our clients benefit from 85% savings should they choose suspended ceiling cleaning over ceiling replacement as well as from maintaining their premises fully operational, saving time and money on temporary closure / relocation of their office space for the duration of ceiling restoration work.

We carry out ceiling tile cleaning quickly, safely and efficiently, outside of trading hours, so as not to inconvenience our clients and their customers / visitors.

All cleaning solutions we use are enzyme-based, tested, safe, non-toxic and fully COSHH compliant.

Take a look at some half-way-through photos of our ceiling cleaning work.


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